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Mobile Horse Vet Can Come to Your Central Tx Location

Here at South 40 Equine, we are so pleased to take care of the horses around Central Texas and Bryan College Station.

As a mobile horse veterinarian, we do our best to keep all our clients’ horses healthy with routine examinations, vaccinations, and dentistry. We are pleased to offer Coggins testing which is necessary for all horses that will come in contact with other horses.

As an equine veterinarian, we also do everything that we can to get your horse back to health whenever he or she is not feeling well. We would be happy to examine your horse any time you notice any lameness or any other problems. We have successfully treated many horses with all types of diseases including laminitis and colic.

As horse owners, we know how much your horse means to you. You take the very best care of your four legged friend and we will do the same. We believe that we offer the best veterinary care possible so we ask that you please share your success story with us. Please email us pictures of your horse with a short comment defining his or her story.