Pre-Purchase Examinations

A Pre-Purchase Examination starts with the rider.


It is most important to decide whether this horse is a fit for the rider & the rider’s intended use prior to embarking on a pre-purchase examination

This exam, also known as a vet check, is a service that is aimed at assisting a buyer with the evaluation of an equine prospect. We do not believe that any seller would wish to deceive a prospective buyer, but we feel it is our duty to find out the things that the seller does not know. This is a complete standing and ambulatory exam. First the patient is given a thorough standing exam looking for obvious defects/scars/swellings, joint abnormalities (range of motion, excess joint fluid accumulation), boney defects, surgical scars. It ends with a hoof tester exam. Then the ambulatory exam is given. This is initiated on hard surface, with flexion tests performed on all four limbs. The remainder of the exam includes a neurological exam to rule out any possible neurological deficits, an oral exam to observe the health of the tongue/gingival/dentition and decide if the horse needs dental work, an ophthalmic exam that focuses on the cornea/lens/fundus of both eyes, including checking for early signs of lens disease. It is my duty to discuss any abnormalities found & the implications of these abnormalities as it pertains to the intended use of the animal. If the owner perceives lameness or abnormality exists that they are uncomfortable with, they can halt the exam at any point.

During the pre-purchase examination

During the exam, we will point out any irregularity that warrants further investigation. The tools used to acquire additional information during a pre-purchase examination are: x-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopy, & blood work. Additional tests are available and can be discussed on request.

Whether you are buying your first horse, a kid horse, or purchasing that horse that will win the world, we would love to assist you in the process. Please call or email us for more specific information.

Download and print our pre-purchase exam information forms in advance:

Buyer’s Pre-Purchase Exam Information – Download and Print 

Seller’s Pre-Purchase Exam Information – Download and Print

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