Mobile Imaging


Before treating any Equine disease or issue that limits your horse’s performance, it is important to have a proper initial assessment or evaluation of the horse’s condition. Treatments are much more effective when a proper diagnosis is made on your equine’s problem. Diagnosis involves a process of defining the problem; this should always start with a good exam that is complimented by proper diagnostics.

Our mobile imaging suite is the very finest in digital xray & ultrasound. With our state of the art diagnostic equipment we are able to quickly and accurately find the problem with your horse; and thus, appropriately treat… All in the convenience of your barn.

By utilizing equine mobile imaging, we can preform the following procedures:

  • Digital Radiographs (Xrays)
  • Digital Ultrasound (Tendonography & Ultrasound guided procedures)
  • Endoscopy (Upper airway evaluation)